The second rake arrives!

The second rake for Western railway has arrived in Mumbai. Here are a few observations about the first two rakes:

###The first rake needs a reversal. The coach positions are exactly the
opposite of what they should be. Now there are quite a few ways of

1. Some tedious shunting work.
2. Make a round trip to DIVA via Vasai road.

I have no idea whether the second rake too needs to be reversed. Now the
following question arises: Why can’t the reversals en route be taken into
account while manufacturing the rake?

###The rakes have a affinity for corrosion. The first one has rusted even
more than it had a couple of weeks ago. The parts which have rusted are
mostly near welding joints, the main culprit being the channel for water to
flow off the coach. The second rake too is following the footsteps of its
predecessor. Rust is already visible above the driving cab door.

###As far as I know, these rakes were supposed to be made of stainless steel
to avoid rusting. But 931-932 (millenium rake) which is not made of
stainless steel has lesser rust than the MRVC rake. Even the 20 year old 8xx
series Jessop rakes are better.

###The build quality of these rakes appears to be bad. There is a lot of
unevenness on the surface. As compared to this, the quality of 8xx & even
some 5xx Jessop rakes is better till date. There is absolutely no unevenness
on the surfaces of Jessop rakes.

###The paint job is nothing to write home about. The black paint on the cab
face has already started looking off-sheen. Also, please have a look at this
. Paint has already
started peeling off between the Headlamp & the flasher light. This was the
case when the train hadn’t even left the factory. The paint quality simply
fails to match the high standards set by 931-932.

###ICF, MRVC and other associated agencies have done nothing great by delivering a
rake with the above shortcomings, that too one year behind schedule.

###The rake still has to undergo the commuters’ test in which the people
will check for vital things like place to stand in between two seats,
positioning of fan, etc etc. Commuters here are very strict. They have
already rejected the millenium EMU (and start cursing their luck whenever
they have to travel in it) in spite of its high quality materials and excellent workmanship just because there
is very less standing space.


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