First impressions…

Here are some quick first impressions of the newly started MRVC rake:

1. The lighting is excellent. This rake has four feet long tubelights
instead of the two feet ones in the other rakes. The tubes illuminate the
rake quite well.
2. The fans and ventilation system is very good. The fans do their
job of circulating air instead of just making noise like in the old rakes.
3. There is no noise of blowers from motorcoach. The motors themselves
are quieter. Absence of blowers may be due to IGBT technology used in the
4. Acceleration is excellent. While departing from Borivali, the rake
had reached 55+ kmph till the last coach left the platform.
5. The braking was jerky.The rake entered stations at less than usual
speeds. But I think that this will not be an issue. Jerky braking will go away in a couple of months, once the
motor-men get used to the rake. They must be entering pfs cautiously to
ensure that they do not overshoot the platforms.
6. Now some negative points. The biggest of all flaws in ICF rakes
still exists i.e. less legroom! Why can’t ICF design people eliminate
this flaw which has been there for so long? They ought to take a lesson or
two from Jessop in building roomy rakes.
7. Another point which is typical of ICF rakes. Quality of some parts
is not up to the mark. Some parts are too fragile to withstand Mumbai’s rush
& people who are eager to break anything that is new. Another aspect where
ICF needs to learn from Jessop. Jessop rakes are built to last. Everything
is of high quality in Jessop built rakes.
8. There is no privacy for First class. Instead of the 4-5 feet high
solid partition which was standard in the earlier rake, this rake has
horizontal bars spaced a couple of inches apart. This will not be a problem
in gents coaches, but in ladies coaches, it could be a cause of concern,
because at night half of ladies FC becomes available for male commuters.
9. Another issue is about the partition between seats & doorway. The
partition is solid only upto seat level. This will be a problem in rainy
season, when the seated people will get wet due to rain coming from the
door. WR’s millenium rake too has such a partition & I am saying this from
experience of millenium rake. There is need for solid metal at least for
one & half feet above seat height.


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