Public opinion not too good

Everyone who travels in the ‘new, advanced, comfortable’ MRVC rake comes out
not too happy the rake. Here are some of the comments from some of the
people who have traveled in the rake:

1. “Except the fans & acceleration, nothing is good.”
2. “No space to stand”
3. “For a tall person, even sitting is uncomfortable”
4. “There is neither space to stand comfortably, nor sit comfortably”
5. “MRVC was talking about reducing the number of people per rake
after all new rakes arrive. Are they going to do this by reducing the
carrying capacity of trains?”
6. “These officials go abroad to study designs of trains and simply
implement them here without considering the needs of Mumbai”
7. “By the time a train from Churchgate reaches Bombay central, only
free space is the doorway. Everything else is full.”

A comment by a very close relative:
“I do not want to travel in the rake.
Why don’t they transfer these rakes to CR? Anyways the commuters from
CR were alleging bias towards WR when first 3 rakes were alloted to WR.
In return they can give WR some 3xx AC/DC rakes! CR took away good AC/DC rakes,
now they must accept the bad ones too without complaining.”

My two cents:
People here (Except railfans like me :D) do not care whether the train has AC TMs or
DC TMs or GTO or IGBT or anything else in the world. They simply want a
comfortable (by Mumbai standards) journey. And legroom is the first thing
they look for in any new rake. Legroom is the only reason due to which
commuters do not like millenium rake also, which is very good in other

My opinion is unchanged. 3xx rakes are still the kings of all EMUs. They
have everything. Space, speed, acceleration, beautiful F1 like sound.

This legroom issue needs to be addressed ASAP, before there are too many
rakes with less legroom.

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