Motormen uncomfortable while driving the rakes

According to an article in today’s DNA, motormen aren’t too happy with the
MRVC rake. They are apparently facing problems due to glare from the large

Some excerpts are quoted below. This means that apart from the lighting,
ventilation and electricals & electronics and software of the train, nothing
is so great. But this problem is not major and can be solved with a small addition to the design.

Commuters in the 8.54 am local train from Virar to Churchgate were shocked
to see a shirtless motorman operating the train. Motorman Divesh Sharma
drove from Virar to Churchgate without his shirt and vest to protest against
the flat window panes in the new AC/DC local trains that were launched on
November 23, 2007. Sharma complains that the window panes in the new trains
are too wide and don’t have proper screens to block sunlight due to which
motormen can’t see traffic signals from a distance during the day.

Sharma, who claims to have complained about the window panes to railway
authorities, says that their indifference towards his plight drove him to
take the drastic step. He says: “The window panes in the motorman’s cabin
are flat. They don’t have screens to block sunlight, unlike the old trains.
This has been a major cause of inconvenience to us. We have a responsibility
of driving safely and such screens aren’t helping us.”

Earlier last month, the Western Railways employees union, Majdur Sangh, had
complained to the railway authorities, but claim that the problem had not
been taken seriously by their seniors.
We had complained to our authorities when our motormen tested the first
pilot train. But till date no action has been taken. We are scared that this
may result in an accident in the future; only then will the authorities take
control of the situation.” The motormen add that most of them have started
placing newspapers on the screen to block the sunlight.

The Rs2 crore-trains that have been specially designed by German engineers
has violet-and-silver coaches strewn with wires, beeping devices and a
laptop with flickering graphs, but motormen add that irrespective of these
features, they aren’t too pleased with the train.
Sharma says: “These trains are so expensive, but aren’t convenient for the
motorman himself. How do you expect us to drive commuters safely, when we
ourselves can’t clearly see what’s in front of us.” DN Mathur, additional
divisional railway manager, Western Railways, says that he is aware of the
incident and will look into the matter.

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