Review of the rakes: addendum

Today, again I traveled by MRVC rake from DDR to BVI. This is the fourth day
in a row when the 12.08 VR fast is getting the same MRVC rake. This is the
first time I am seeing one particular rake on a particular service for 4
days in a row.

Today I decided to travel in an ‘A’ coach instead of my regular motorcoach.
Train arrived at Dadar right time & I boarded A 007. Thankfully there were no
slowdowns today except the speed restrictions and I reached BVI on time.

The ‘A’ coach had different kind of flooring. It was very smooth. Didn’t
cause any problem today, but will have to wait till the rains to see whether
it is dangerous.

I ‘sat’ in MRVC rake for the first time. On both the previous occasions, I
stood in the doorway. There is no shortage of legroom in second class.

One very serious concern for me is the horrible fit & finish of roof on the inside. It is
very very bad. Roof isn’t straight for even a foot at any place.

I found the plastic interior walls broken at a few places.

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