More delays expected


More delays are expected in the production of MRVC rakes. ICF will be able
to produce only one rake per month due to lack of skilled manpower, assembly
lines and wheels (again!). I am expecting a shortage of fans and lights

They have said that this will continue ‘at least’ till September. WB
officials are not happy about this.

I can’t understand why those people cannot transfer some orders to Jessop or
BEML. Many of the railfans from Mumbai have been saying right from the
beginning that the production should be shared by Jessop and ICF. Moreover,
the quality of ICF is too not good either. It falls pale when compared to

Still, railway officials keep on saying that all 174 rakes will arrive in
three years. I don’t see that happening at all.

These are the
plans from MUTP-1. AFTER these rakes are delivered, the 90 odd rakes from
MUTP-2 will be delivered. I simply cannot imagine how long this will take.
All I can say that what is happening is disgusting. These delays can NOT be
justified under ANY conditions. The chain of delays is showing no sign of

Here is the link to the article.

God save this city!

Some excerpts from the article:
Mumbai will be lucky to get just one per month at least until September,
sources in the railways told TOI.
The delivery schedule of the new trains has been badly hit due to
inadequate assembly lines, shortage of wheels and trained manpower at the
Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai. A team from the World Bank, the lead
financers of the MUTP project, conveyed their disappointment with the slow
production schedule during a visit to ICF, Chennai, last week.

Hubert Nove Josserand, the World Bank official in charge of the MUTP
project, confirmed to TOI that his team was “not very happy” with the
manufacturing pace at ICF. “They had promised four trains per month once the
prototypes were over. But things are definitely not going as per
schedule—ICF is not ready for four rakes a month,” said Josserand on

Sources in the railways said that ICF had a limited capacity for
manufacturing the high-end suburban coaches being made under MUTP. “They
have only two assembly lines as of now,” said an official. However, the
bigger problem is that ICF does not have wheels for the coaches. Moreover,
the fact that the new age trains involve a much higher level of electrical
and electronic equipment only adds to the slow pace of assembly at ICF.

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