A jerky ride

Read an article recently from the mid-day which says that one of WR’s MRVC
EMU jerked a lot on a journey from VR to CCG. The jerks were so violent that
the commuters doubted the motorman’s driving skills and gheraoed him at CCG.
GRP/RPF had to be called to control the situation.

Now this is definitely not wrong reporting by the media, because the
commuters are used to the jerky DC EMUs for a long long time. Even then if
they felt that something was wrong, then its serious. But again the poor
M/man had to face the wrath of the people. I am sure it was not a fault of
the motorman.

Does this signal that something is wrong with the electrical systems of the
MRVC rakes? Consider this: From around 20th March, all the MRVC rakes ran on
only three live motorcoaches for more than a month. The dead motorcoaches
were from one particular rake only. Then one/two rakes started running with
all motorcoaches live. But motor coach #107 B 007 still runs with its panto
lowered. In the meantime there was an incident of failure of one rake at
Vile Parle. And now this incident.

Some excerpts:

It was one ride that commuters of the 10.41 am Virar-Churchgate local will
not forget easily. The hour-long journey was filled with long halts and
sudden jerks, owing to a fault in the power supply of the motor coaches.

Despite the fault in the power supply, the motorman did not halt the train
at the stations, as he feared commuters would get violent.

Incidentally, the train in question was manufactured using technology
support from German transportation major, Siemens, and procured by the
Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) just six months ago at a cost of Rs 20

According to sources, the new train had been suffering from failure in the
traction supply and this was the cause of the unstable movement of the


For Nallasopara resident Ganesh Awhad, it was unusual as well as a terrible

“Right from the beginning, the train was moving like a four-wheeler on an
empty tank. It stopped and restarted before every station. The jerks were
unbearable and commuters were puzzled about what was happening.”

“There were a lot of elderly women, who had a tough time, as they fell over
each other. Most of them thought that the motorman was at fault and doubted
his driving skills. They abused him after getting down at Churchgate
station,” said Vidya S, a Borivli resident.

Western Railway Divisional Railway Manager Satya Prakash said, “The train is
built on a new technology, and it may have had some problems due to the
heat. In any case, we will hold an enquiry into the incident and rectify the
problems in the trains.”

Entire article here.

*Please share your views on this.


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