It is a watery world in the coaches

Today, the “Today” supplement of Marathi newspaper Sakal (Mumbai edition) has an article about
a problem faced in the MRVC rakes due to rain. The issue is about the
partition between the doorway and seating area.

There is a sheetmetal partition only upto the level of seat backrests. Above
that only steel rods are present. Due to this, all the rain water enters the
seating area, and drenching the seated people. The old rakes have a solid
partition till about 1-1.5 feet above the backrest which prevents water from
coming into the seating area.

I had mentioned about this shortcoming in my very first impressions about
the rake. Quoting a part of that:

“Another point is about the partition between seats & doorway. The
partition is solid only upto seat level. This will be a problem in rainy
season, when the seated people will get wet due to rain coming from the
door. WR’s millenium rake too has such a partition & I am saying this from
experience of millenium rake. There is need for solid metal at least for
one & half feet above seat height.”

Of course, now there will be people saying that it does not rain round the
year in Mumbai. This problem will arise only for a few days every year. They
might be right. But my answer to all of them remains the same. The MRVC rake
has introduced some inconviniences that were NOT PRESENT in the earlier
rakes. And this is quite a shame for a design that was touted to be high
tech, passenger freindly, etc etc.

Refer to for a pic of the MRVC rake rod type
partition (visible below the LED board on the right)
And for a pic of the old partition (to the
extreme left), which is solid for a much greater height than the MRVC

3 thoughts on “It is a watery world in the coaches

  1. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  2. If there are no grills and if it is packed then in summer you will say that due to partiting there is no air flow in compartment. so if you have any solution on this. Don’t just criticise alongwith problem also give solution also.

  3. Mr Uday, the rakes have forced ventilation, and I assure you there will be no problem of ventilation if the old type partition is retained. I am not criticising without having complete knowledge of the problem.

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