Observations about latest rakes

WR’s 5th MRVC rake, 207 029-032 has begun running on regular services
sometime in the last couple of days. No new services have been introduced
with this rake.

Meanwhile, today I got a chance of observing the exteriors of 4th and 5th
rake closely, and in good lighting. The quality is horrendous. Paint has
lost its gloss, and the coat of paint appears thin. As usual, the
coach sidewalls are not straight, instead they are wavy and uneven. The
finishing of driving cab is horrible. Welding signs are evident all over,
and near the cattle guard, the welding is extremely rudimentary.

On coach 207 C 029 of the 5th rake, paint has already started peeling off
near the windscreen. Corrosion has set in near many welding joins, just 45
days after the rakes were manufactured. The only good aspect is that
stickers have not been used anywhere on the exteriors. The orange strip
above the doors, roman numbers I and II etc have been painted.

Another worrying aspect is the occurance of flat wheels in MRVC rakes (a flat wheel is a wheel whose shape is not perfectly circular. Flat wheels can be instantly identified as the make a continuous “dak dak dak” sound due to the unevenness in their shape).
During the last 5 journeys in MRVC rake on WR (in 5 different coaches), I
have noticed that the coach had at least one flat wheel. One coach had two
flat wheels. Railfans have reported flat wheels on new CR rakes too.


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