Serious quality issues

When the first MRVC rake arrived in Mumbai, I was unhappy with the paint job that it had. But ICF had reserved its best quality (certified by ISO 9001 and 14000) for later. The newer rakes have even worse paint jobs. See how they look side-by-side at

On seeing the newer rakes, I feel that the older ones were much better. With this kind of paint job, the new rakes will need repaints in less than a year. The older rake at least has a glossy finish, but the new rake is simply pathetic. I am still waiting to see the interiors of the newer rakes, but according to Karan Desai, the interiors too are bad. Now, I have some questions:

  1. The new as well as old rakes have been manufactured at a cost of Rs 20 crores. Using low quality materials and workmanship must have definitely decreased the cost of manufacturing the rake. Who has pocketed those “savings”?
  2. Lets assume that the technical equipment (TMs, electronics, electricals, bogies, suspension etc) costs Rs 13-15 Crores out of the cost of the rakes. Isn’t it ridiculous and shameful that ICF cannot manufacture good quality passenger compartments and give them a good paint job in Rs 5-7 crores? Some credit card company had a tagline “There are some things in life which money can’t buy” Good coaches from ICF seems to be one of these things.
  3. Who should be blamed for the quality? ICF or MRVC? Or it is me who should be blamed for daring to criticize the rakes?

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