Interiors of latest rake

I travelled in one new rake yesterday. Here are some points which I noted:

1. The quality of welding of the partition rods (between FC and second
class, between doors and seating area, etc) has deteriorated. There is
blackening at the welding joints, something that was absent in the earlier
rakes. The joints have not been smoothened properly.
3. The grab handles are of a poor quality. No two handles are similar.
Every handle has its own unique dimensions. This was not the case in the
non-MRVC rakes.
4. The roof was badly stained from inside. Don’t know why.

Apart from these two extra flaws, the quality interior is same as the old
MRVC rakes. I could not visibly make out any difference in the First Class
legroom. But I will not say anything about this at present. I will measure the legroom of MRVC rake
first class. Only then will the real picture be clear.

Yesterday I travelled in 1005 B also. That coach too is manufactured by ICF
in the late 1990s/early 2000s, but the quality is far better than MRVC


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