World record by ICF

Read the article here. Some excerpts:

The new silver-purple trains you have been travelling on in recent months could well end up in international record books some day. At least, that’s what the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC), thoroughly impressed by the manufacturing rate of the Integral Coach Factory (that manufactures the new trains), is determined to do.
Railway officials say the speed at which these trains are built is phenomenal and has overshadowed the capacity of all the world’s giant train coach manufactures. According to MRVC, ICF has five trains ready every month, which are added to Mumbai’s suburban network almost immediately. And, says B P Singh, Chief mechanical Engineer, ICF, the coaches are not just sturdy, they are even built at one-third the international
ly quoted cost.

My response:

Oh yes! One more world class feature incorporated into these extremely
“sturdy” and “top class” rakes was observed by a close friend of mine. He saw the grab pole in the center of the door break into two pieces!
It was a CR rake, hardly 5 months old.

When the guys at ICF do not even bother to smoothen out the welding
lines/joints, what can be expected in terms of quality? All claims about the
rakes being world class are absolute rubbish. I wonder whether the coaches
will stay in a good condition some 20 years down the line. Of
course, the running equipment designed by Siemens is an exception.

I appreciate the bluffing and lying skills of ICF and MRVC. I have given up
all hope of improvement in the MRVC rakes. I only hope that ICF does not get
the contract for MUTP-2 rakes.

Quality is more important than quantity. I do not mind if two-three
factories manufacture 1-2 good quality rakes each every month, rather than
having a single factory churning out rake after rake having poor quality. My
frank opinion is that at least Rs 10 crores are going down the drain/into
someone’s pockets with every new rake (the remaining 10 crores assumed as
cost of Siemens equipment).


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