Two more flaws

Its raining MRVC rakes on WR these days. I was able to spot 10 of them in
the 1.5 hours which I spent at the station. Of those 10, two rakes were
spotted twice. The following rakes were spotted:

107 001-002
107 005-006
107 009-010 (9 coach rake)
207 041-042
207 037-038
207 069-070
207 073-074
207 045-046
207 065-066
207 077-078

I noticed another minor flaw in the MRVC rakes. The LED destination display
at present in the driving cabs does not show the position of coach reserved
for handicapped. It is present in all the rakes from 207 065-066 onwards.
Rakes before 207 065-066 display the position of handicapped coach. Dunno
why MRVC/ICF changed their mind mid way.

I also got a chance to compare driving cabs of 9xx AC/DC and MRVC. I must admit
that WR’s Mahalaxmi workshop has fabricated better cabs than ICF, even
though doing body work is not the main job of Mahalaxmi workshop, whereas ICF
boasts of being top class coach manufacturers.


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