Two more issues-addendum

Quoting some part from a message which I had posted on Friday, 23rd January 2009.

I noticed another minor flaw in the MRVC rakes. The LED destination display
at present in the driving cabs does not show the position of coach reserved
for handicapped. It is present in all the rakes from 207 065-066 onwards.
Rakes before 207 065-066 display the position of handicapped coach. Dunno
why MRVC/ICF changed their mind mid way.

I was wrong. Some rakes before 65-66 also do not display the position of
handicapped coach. I saw 49-50 and 61-62 which were not displaying this
detail. I stand corrected.

I also happened to see rake number 207 61-62 from an FOB. The roofs of
three-four of its coaches have rusted a lot. Shame on ICF.

I have also discovered another place where rust has set in. I observed rake
207 57-58 from close quarters. There is rust near the beading of EVERY
window of that rake. Day by day, the rakes have started to rust in newer
places. The newer rakes are rusting quickly than their predecessors. At this
rate the 174th rake will be completely rusted by the time it reaches Mumbai.

I hope Jessop gets the contract for MUTP-2 rakes. ICF rakes are totally


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