Legroom bluff of MRVC exposed

I have exposed another bluff of MRVC. They had claimed to have increased the
legroom in the newer rakes by 10 cm. This is a BIG lie. I personally
measured the legroom in the first class as well as second class of old and
new rakes today & yesterday. It has not increased by even a millimetre in
the new rakes.

After first few MRVC rakes were
manufactured, MRVC had said that it will increase the legroom by 10 cm in
the rakes manufactured henceforth. The FC measurements were taken in coach
#107 A 001 (1st WR rake) and coach #207 A 064 (13th WR rake).

The earlier (non
MRVC) rakes manufactured by ICF have 60 cm legroom in FC, whereas MRVC rakes have 50 cm
legroom. Jessop rakes have 63 cm legroom in FC. Moreover, the FC seat width
in Jessop rakes is 5 cm more than ICF rakes (both MRVC as well as non MRVC).
This means that effectively, the MRVC rake FC has 23 cm less legroom than
Jessop rake FC.


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