Video coach partitions to be modified


An article in “Mumbai Vruttant” supplement of Loksatta says that CR has
taken the decision to have opaque partitions for “video coaches”. Video
coach basically means a general compartment & ladies compartment in the same
coach. This decision has been taken after complaints from some women
commuters. For those who do not know, the MRVC rakes have only rods
separating the compartments within a coach, while the older non MRVC rakes
have opaque partitions.

I had pointed out the need to implement this change a mere 3 days after the
first ever MRVC rake entered service. Quoting relevant part from that post:

“8. There is no privacy for First class. Instead of the 4-5 feet high
solid partition which was standard in the earlier rake, this rake has
horizontal bars spaced a couple of inches apart. This will not be a problem
in gents coaches, but in ladies coaches, it could be a cause of concern,
because at night half of ladies FC becomes available for male commuters.”

But that time I was told that this change is not possible as all the
material has been already ordered! Good to see CR taking this decision, and
hope that WR follows suit. CR has installed these opaque partitions in 3 of
their rakes. Looks like CR’s new GM is very commuter friendly. He is implementing most of the  suggestions received via CR’s “Suggestions via SMS” service.


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