The rusting saga continues

Hello, The MRVC rakes love getting rusted quickly. Even the latest rake in service, 2101-2102, has rust on the roofs! On the roofs of some of the coaches (207 C 082 is one such coach), more rust is visible than paint. And every time when ICF is asked about the quality, they say the rakes are of best quality as we have used the best quality steel. What a load of rubbish! Don’t they know that there is something called workmanship? Take a simple example: Suppose someone gives me a sheet of the best quality steel available in the world, and tells me to cut a perfect square from the sheet, with each side measuring say 20 cm. Will I be able to cut a perfect square from the sheet? at least 9 times out of 10 there will be some flaw because poor workmanship on my part. Why? According to ICF’s logic, I had used the best quality steel in the world, so the squares I cut too should be perfect! Moral of the story is, that good steel cannot single-handedly make good rakes! It has to be accompanied by good workmanship and a good paint job. ICF fails in both the areas.

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