My first first class journey

A lot has been saidabout the first class coaches
of MRVC rakes. Till 11th of May, I had only heard about the first class of
the rakes, and sat in it briefly when a rake was stationary. The primary
reason being that it is not practical to purchase FC tickets. FC is fine for
MST or if someone is not used to travelling in trains, but it is very
expensive if tickets are purchased.

Accordingly, we purchased the tickets and proceeded to platform 3. The 1 pm
Virar local was about to arrive. It was yellow faced MRVC rake 207 77-80. We
got into the first class coach, and thankfully there were seats for both of

The FC lived up to its reputation with aplomb. My knees not only touched the
knees of the person opposite me, they overlapped with the opposite person’s
legs. Forget standing in the knee space. It would be difficult to even get
out of the seating bay from the window seat. Coupled with the less legroom,
the seat is too narrow. I sat in the cramped position till Andheri. At
Andheri, the coach became relatively empty, and I quickly grabbed the seat
opposite my cousin, who is very slim for a 10 year old. This ensured that I
could at least sit with decent space for my legs. But again, the seat was
slightly harder than the old seats. The coach offers sufficient legroom only
when a kid sits on one of the seats. Frequent travelling in the coach will
definitely induce back pain for tall people like me.

After Andheri, we had to crawl till the first LC which is approximately mid way
between ADH and Jogeshwari. The motorman’s driving style was weird. On
getting the green, the motorman unleashed the full power of the MRVC rake
and we were doing 100 kph at Jogeshwari. But then he coasted all the way
upto the FCI godowns just before Borivali, and the speed had dropped to
50-55 kph by then. He then accelerated to 60-65 kph before braking for the
BVI halt. As a result the ADH – BVI journey took 13 minutes – it would have
taken approximately the same time with a constant 75-80 kph run in DC EMU.
We alighted at BVI on time at 1. 28 pm.


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