MRVC rake rams into dead end at Churchgate

Yesterday an MRVC rake banged into the dead end at Churchgate in the
afternoon. It is being said that the accident took place due to the late
application of EP brakes. Motormen have reported in the log books of the
rakes that in rakes fitted with modified design of motors, EP brakes are
applied very late. Brakes not being applied is a serious fault. This
has also resulted in a couple of incidents of overshooting platforms.

I guess something might be wrong with the microprocessor controlling the
blending of regen and EP brakes.

What exactly is going on? Even God will not be able to tell
when the rakes will become problem free. The series of problems is continuing one
after the other. Its been two years since the rakes were introduced, surely
these cannot be called teething problems! I wonder whether the purpose of
MRVC rakes was to ease the harrowing commute of Mumbaikars or to demonstrate
each and every problem that an EMU can ever face.

Something is definitely wrong. What justification can anyone have for a
continuous series of problems for nearly two years? MRVC & ICF have totally
messed up the project of acquiring new rakes.

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