A few more observations

Here are a few observations regarding MRVC rakes.

I travelled on WR twice, got MRVC rakes both times. The effects of
the overshootings are visible in the braking styles of motormen. They
did most of the braking before entering the platforms. We entered most
of the platforms at around 20-25 kph instead of 40-45 kph.

There is one or more platform which fouls with the rake on the path of the rakes from
ICF to Mumbai (WR). Almost all rakes have scraped against some
platform on the way, and the damaged paint of the scrape markings has
been touched up by WR.

The first three rakes have completely disappeared from the tracks
since the last couple of months.

Dust is entering the tubelight covers from the blower mechanism. This
is most likely due to the poor finishing of the rakes which leads to
panel gaps. Also, the design of the covers is flawed. The cover should
have been made of metal grille, not glass. Metal grille would have
allowed dust to fall off from it, while dust settles on the glass
covers on the inside. This reduces the amount of light coming from the
tube. The maintenance of the rakes (of WR as well as CR) is not so
perfect that the glass covers will be opened and cleaned from inside
at specific intervals. I had noticed this flaw in the design at first
glance, but didn’t post it as it would be considered very minor issue.
But, such small things do matter in the design, and are ignored most
of the times in India.


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