Journey in Howrah return rake!

I travelled in the rake which has made a trip to howrah. Here are observations from the journey:

We were waiting for 8.42 pm churchgate local at Vasai.

I spotted two waist level headlamps. In the light of
those headlamps, I could make out that the points were set for the train to
enter platform one.

Due to the low headlights, I was sure that it was an AC/DC rake. As the rake came closer, I noticed that its LED
destination boards were not working. I immediately concluded that it is an
MRVC rake. LED destination boards fail very frewuentl on MRVC rakes. It turned out to be the famed 2089-2092, which has made the trip
to Bauria. We got into coach 2089 A.

The coach was brightly lit as there was no dust inside tubelight
covers yet (rake has been in service for only 2-3 weeks).

We were seated on the long 7 seater seat adjoining the FC. The seat
was another example of brilliant quality of ICF. The long seat is made up of
three separate units of seats. Between two units, there was a gap of 1 inch!
What is more, there was a difference of 1 cm in the heights of two adjacent
seats. So the person who gets the 3rd seat would have to sit with one of his
buttocks 1 cm higher than the other, and that huge gap in the seats.

The seats were not firmly fixed in position. They moved back and
forth like a pendulum. The magnitude of movement was around 4-5 cm at the
topmost point of the seat.

As in all new MRVC rakes, this one too had some mysterious stains on
the roof.

After Bhayander, it started raining quite heavily. So I tried to
close the window. It did not budge even after undoing the lock. Finally I
had to stand and put half my weight on the window for it to close. Jammed
window in a rake which has spent hardly 3 weeks in service. WOW! Thats not all. There is a locking mechanism in the windows. When
closed, one moving part on the window glass is supposed to get locked into
its corresponding part fixed on the window frame. The locks were mis
aligned. The part of the lock on the window glass was nowhere close to the part on the
frame. The final nail in the coffin: I tried opening the window after the
rain stopped. It did not budge even a milimetre. MRVC rakes are truly
revolutionising suburban rail travel in Mumbai!


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