Two years of MRVC rakes!

Today is the second anniversary of the arrival of the first ever MRVC
rake in Mumbai. After two years, approximately 43 rakes are in service.

54 have been despatched from ICF, at the rate of 2.25 rakes per month, far
less than the intended 4 rakes per month. Even if we ignore the
first 5 rakes and the time taken to produce them (7 months), the rate of
manufacture still turns out to be around 2.85 per month.

Around 120 new services have been added to WR due to addition of 6 more
rakes into service & 32 9 car services have been converted to 12 car services. I am not sure how many rakes did CR use for new
services. I think they used 2-3 for new services.


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