Height of rusting

On November 20th 2008, I had posted the following lines in this post:

“When the first MRVC rake arrived in Mumbai, I was unhappy with the paint
that it had. But ICF had reserved its best quality (certified by ISO 9001
and 14000) for later.

On seeing the newer rakes, I feel that the older ones were much better. With
this kind of paint job, the new rakes will need repaints in less than a
year. The older rake at least has a glossy finish, but the new rake is
simply pathetic.”

I got a live demonstration of that at Borivali yesterday evening when I had been
there for some work.

The first ever MRVC rake was working on the 7.30 Borivali – Churchgate fast. I quickly
inspected the rake (which has the original paint job) and found rust at many
places, which was what I expected. But the paint still has quite a good
amount of gloss on it.

I then proceeded to platform 4/5 where I had work. Luckily, 2121-2124,
the latest rake in service, passed towards Virar. And my God! I was left
speechless on seeing the amount of rusting on that rake. Rust was flowing
down on the white sidewalls from the rain gutter at least at 10 places on
each coach. The rust on the first ever rake was not even half of the amount
of rust on the latest rake. The paint of the latest rake is not as glossy as
the first one even two years after the manufacture of the first rake.

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