Seating capacity – ICF vs Jessop

The official seating capacity of a 12 car ICF rake (Mumbai suburban) is 1170, while rakes Manufactured by Jessop have capacity of 1250. This is the official capacity, excluding the fourth seats and standees. So the actual difference in capacity will be around 140-150. Its a pity that ICF is still continuing with this design in MRVC rakes after so many decades, and passing it off as world class.

And its a pity that MRVC is still ordering from ICF instead of Jessop who are much more competent manufacturers. Wont the induction of MRVC rakes and subsequent phasing out of Jessop rakes actually REDUCE the carrying capacity of the EMU system? Its even more bad that MRVC is rewarding ICF for manufacturing the shoddy rakes.

Obviously, the quality of product and merit of the manufacturer was not the criterion for placing the contract, because ICF has none. There are definitely some “other” means through which ICF has got the contract.


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