MRVC asks ICF to improve

Please refer to this article from TOI, Mumbai Edition, September 7th 2009:

At least they have admitted that there are issues with the rakes. Till now they were acting as if except the traction motor failure issue there was nothing wrong with the rakes. But I am afraid it has come too late. ICF has been asked to improve paint quality, leaking blowers and legroom in first class. I wonder why MRVC is asking to improve legroom in First Class right now. They had announced an increase in the legroom ages ago, which, as I found out, was not implemented at all.

The article finds no mention about workmanship, which is the biggest of all faults. The rain water channels are not welded properly onto the bodies. There are gaps between the channel and the body at regular intervals, due to which rain water keeps sliding down the sidewalls, many times right on the heads of the people in the door.

The biggest shocker: “The ICF has been asked to use stainless steel in rakes instead of cotton steel.” So, does this mean that all these years, the officers were shouting at the top of their voices that the rakes have stainless steel which will help prevent corrossion and blah blah blah, the rakes did not have stainless steel at all?

Finally remains the question of whether ICF will actually improve. Considering the past history of ICF, I do not think that this will ever happen. On 17th November 2007, the then Chief Design Engineer of ICF had told me that quality issues of components will be addressed. But the quality is on a downward slide since then.


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