Rakes of MUTP-2 doomed

Here is an article from today’s Hindustan Times (uploaded with permission of the journalist).


The part which is of more interest is the box.First of all, it makes it clear that coaches for rakes procured under MUTP-2 will be manufactured by ICF. This in itself means that the rakes are doomed. I have zero expectations from these new coaches. ICF is not capable of producing any good quality stuff.

Secondly, it says that the newer trains will get best possible quality of paint. I have learnt that world bank wants nano layer of paint for the phase two rakes. If the rakes really get a nano layer of paint, then they are doomed. Here is how: In normal coaches, after the basic shell is fabricated, putty is applied on the surface to hide any unevenness which might be present on the surface of the shell. After putty, the primer is applied on the coach. And after the primer, the final coat of paint is applied. This is the general process of painting a coach in the conventional way. It may not be exactly accurate, but you will get a fair idea of how a coach is painted. In nanopainting, there is no putty and primer at all. So each and every dent, welding joint, warps and any other unevenness on the coach shell are visible to the naked eye very prominently. Now, MRVC rakes have plenty of unevenness, visible welding joints even after using putty. So, without putty, the newer rakes will be a real eye sore. Nano Painted coaches manufactured by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala for the Mumbai – Ahmedabad and Chennai – Mysore shatabdi are proof what can go wrong. Those coaches have very poor finishing.

Thirdly, regarding the use of air coolers. Coolers are effective in regions where humidity is low, Nagpur for example. Mumbai has high humidity round the year. Hence coolers will be of little or no use in Mumbai.


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