A near heart attack

Today morning I was on the FOB at Borivali. A virar bound MRVC rake came on platform 1. Initially I could see only its roof top which was very badly rusted. I assumed it to be some 7-8 month old rake going by the amount of rust. When it moved, its number became visible. It was 1085-1088, the latest rake in service. I nearly got a heart attack after I saw the amount of rust on the roof. Earlier, rakes used to take 7-8 months to rust this much, now they take two months. This speaks volumes about the quality.

This also shows the level to which the quality of the rakes has been compromised (and is continuously going down and down). No prizes for guessing where the taxpayer’s money is going. Meanwhile, in the media, the officials go on and on singing virtues of the rakes as if nothing in the world is better than these rakes..

To get a sense of how much its roof has rusted, please see this pic. The rust on roof of 1085-1088 is at least triple of the rust on the rake in the photo, both in terms of severity and area occupied.


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