Photos of 1085 – 1088


Further to my post about the horrible condition of 1085-1088, here are some photos of the rake. I do not have the copyrights of the photos, so I am not posting the actual photos. Please follow the following links to see them:

  1. Coach 1085 C
  2. Coach 1085 C part 2
  3. Coach 1086 C
  4. Coach 1086 C part 2

ICF, on their website, says the following about the rakes:

The Stainless steel coaches will be free from

There is no need for painting all these
Stainless Steel coaches.

After seeing the photos.. well I am too frustrated to even complete the sentence :(. How can they make such tall claims and deliver these rubbish coaches? These photos are testimony to the fact that ICF is turning out the worst possible quality of coaches for MRVC.


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