174 or 130 rakes?

Another myth about MRVC rakes has been busted. The number of 12 coach (12 coach is the key word here) rakes to be produced is 130 and not 174 as is being portrayed by MRVC. 174 is the number of 9 car rakes to be manufactured. Let us convert 174 9 car rakes to 12 car rakes. Every 9 coach rake consists of three units. Each unit is further made up of three coaches (Please refer to the numbering conventions page for more details about coach configuration). So, the number of units in 174 nine coach rakes will be 174 * 3 which is 522. Now, a 12 coach rake consists of 4 units. Hence, number of 12 coach rakes which can be formed with 522 units is given by 522/4 which is 130.5!

Here is proof of what I am saying: WR was supposed to get 56 rakes in their second batch. But they got 42 12 coach rakes. Now, 9 coach rakes are made up of three units, each unit consisting of one A, one B and one C coach. 56 nine coach rakes will have 56*3=168 units. A 12 coach rake has 4 such units. 168/4=42! The bits of puzzle fall into place with ease! All this time we were wondering why CR started getting rakes all of a sudden. In reality CR has not started getting rakes all of a sudden. This was a part of the production schedule itself!

But this does leave one unanswered question. How did CR get 16 twelve coach rakes initially when 16 were announced as allotted to CR? They should have got 12 twelve coach rakes.


2 thoughts on “174 or 130 rakes?

  1. In that case a major chunk of rakes (around 70-72 rakes) should go to WR as VR-CCG is supposed to be completely under AC traction in the phase 2 of MUTP

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