Some more cost cutting

Cost cutting has struck the rakes again. This time it is the rain gutter (Channel at the roof level for water to flow off).  The rakes manufactured till now used to have a stainless steel rain gutter. That has been replaced by a conventional iron/aluminium rain gutter now. It was not essential to paint the stainless steel rain gutters, but the conventional ones have to be painted. Have a look in the photos below:

Original design of rain gutter - 1


Original design of rain gutter - 2

Revised design of rain gutter. Pic courtesy Tushar Dhake, IRFCA.


6 thoughts on “Some more cost cutting

  1. The cost cutting measures of ICF is now starting to get too much. The carsheds will now have to do all the incomplete work of the ICF. Probably, next ICF might get rid of the Sidwal blower units in the coaches.

  2. Thank god WR’s MRVC rakes were spared from this cost cutting exercise . I am not going to be surprised if they start reusing shells of old ICF and Jessop coaches in MRVC rakes 😛

  3. I spoke to a senior CLA carshed official and he said that they spend almost 10% of the rake’s cost to complete all the pending jobs left by the ICF.

  4. ICF has reverted back to stainless steel rain gutters . MRVC rake 2153-2156 has stainless steel gutters . Looks like that the guys at ICF are also following your blog 🙂

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