Grand plans for MUTP-2

Here is an article from Times of India which elaborates on the grandiose plans of MRVC for rakes to be procured under MUTP phase 2.

If all goes as planned, Mumbai could get as many as six new Siemens-Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC) 12-car rakes every month. That is, if both Central and Western railways agree to standard coaches under the second phase of MUTP.

In my opinion, at this stage it is very difficult to have a standard coach configuration for WR and CR. Modifying the existing coaches will take huge amounts of time and money. Moreover the modifications cannot be carried out over night on all rakes. It will cause great hardships and inconvenience to commuters during the transition period if half the trains on each railway have one coach configuration and half of them have another one!

Senior officials from the Integral Coach factory (ICF) said they were in talks with MRVC and the MMRDA to jack up production rates. At present, ICF manufactures as many as 72 variations of coaches as both the railways have different coach specifications and positioning.

I wonder how they have 72 different types of coaches for EMUs. Even if we assume that each and every coach in the configuration of WR and CR is unique, there can be maximum 24 types of coaches.

The new rakes will apparently last for 40 years as opposed to the current 25 years. Nothing new in that. There are a few 1969 built EMU coaches still in service on WR. Moreover, I have my doubts about the current rakes lasting 25 years after looking at the condition of some of them in 3 months.

Cost of new rakes will be around Rs 54 Crores, double the cost of present rakes! This presents even more opportunities for kickbacks. It is useless to expect better workmanship from ICF. So be ready for more flimsily built rakes.


4 thoughts on “Grand plans for MUTP-2

  1. Prakash sir, I guessed that they have included coach types of other rakes as soon as I read the article. But as far as production of MRVC rakes is concerned, the variations in coaches of these other rakes will not have any impact, isn’t it?

  2. These new siemens rake will not last more than 5 years. They are giving such rough running and making so much noise while travelling– it intills the thought of god in you. Just look into the spate of derailments of these rakes in central and western railways. Something seriously wrong with the suspension which does not allow them to remain on rails while crossing curves. MAY GOD WITH US – while we travel in these MRVC rakes

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