Finally a change in the design

Finally MRVC has shown some signs of waking up. Please read this news article. Quoting an excerpt:

Following complaints by women commuters that they have no privacy in the new silver-purple trains, the Integral Coach Factory (ICF), in Chennai, which manufactures these trains has now decided to separate the ladies’ and gent’s compartments with opaque sheets.

Women commuters had complained that the iron rods that exist in the current trains allowed men to peep into their compartments leaving them feeling very uncomfortable. ICF is making the changes in its 75th train, which is currently under production.

What is harrowing is the fact that it has taken MRVC 75 rakes before implementing the change. I had suggested this change in less than a week after the first rake was introduced.

UPDATE: As per this news report, many more changes are going to be implemented in the design. Prominent ones amongst them being increase in legroom and changes in design of luggage rack. As you can see, all of them are the ones I, along with a close friend had suggested way back in November 2007 (see this post on the blog). Was MRVC sleeping for two years? What happened to those vehement denials which MRVC officers would blurt out whenever the shortcomings were brought to their notice? What caused the sudden change of heart? Now 75 rakes have already been turned out with the faulty design. I am afraid, these measures are too little, too late.


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