Wheel shortage again!

Wheel shortage is here again! Barely 15 months after the first shortage of wheels was resolved, MRVC/ICF has run out of wheels for the second time according to this article. So there will be more delays in the induction of rakes now. This only goes on to show the poor planning and management. On one hand they talk of manufacturing 6 rakes per month, and they do not have enough wheels on the other hand!

The article has one more bluff by Mr Sehgal. He says that there are 45 additional rakes in Mumbai now, and WR & CR have jointly scrapped 25 rakes. This is a flat lie. WR alone has scrapped more than 20-25 rakes. On WR, out of the 44 rakes only seven rakes have been used as additional rakes. The rest have been used as replacements for overaged rakes.


3 thoughts on “Wheel shortage again!

  1. Madam/Sir,
    I want to know why MRVC officials are fooling the Mumbaikars .There is always one judgement that we are facing shortage.If so then Kindly import trains from Other countries to cover the shortfall or be responsible and faithful towards your job instead of giving wrong Announcements.

    Manmeet Singh Mahajan.

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