Siemens Ban won’t matter, says MRVC

Please see the following article (click on it for larger version):

Mr Sehgal seems to think that ban on Siemens (and the subsequent need for totally new traction equipment) will not have any effect on the production of rakes. He seems to have forgotten that in case they appoint a new supplier it will take at least 3 years for the equipment to be ready. And in the hurry to meet deadlines, there is a real chance of many glaring issues surfacing in the equipment, just like the Traction Motor & software problems in Siemens equipment. If such major issues surface for the second time, it would be a major catastrophe. I think its time to move back to BHEL made equipment of 3xx rakes. I agree that it will be like taking a step backward from IGBT to GTO, but the technology is proven, time tested and problem free. The initial niggles have been taken care of. So, if a new manufacturer is decided, it will mean 3-4 years for designing and testing the new traction equipment. But if they use the existing Traxx designed, BHEL manufactured equipment, time required for designing and testing will be ZERO. Production can start immediately after coach shell design is finalised.

On another note, for the first time ever in the last 2-3 years, PC Sehgal has been quoted saying 129 12 car rakes. Otherwise it would be just the misleading “174 rakes”. I am happy that he has finally stopped misleading the general public, who has the media as the only source of information. Effect of this post, perhaps?

Finally, the fact that there will be just 129 rakes makes one thing crystal clear. If either WR or CR wants to convert to AC fully without waiting for rakes of MUTP-2, they HAVE to convert many existing DC rakes to AC/DC. If not, then conversion will not see the light of the day till 2015.


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