A few tidbits

Here is another defect of the rakes, which I had seen many times in the past but was not able to capture it on camera. Windows of the same coach are not aligned in a straight line.

Meanwhile, I have received reports of seats sagging in first class. This leads to a difference in levels of seats at joints (only in case of long seat for 7 people). This difference makes sitting on the joint uncomfortable. Hence people refuse to sit on the joint. As a result only 7 passengers can be accommodated on the seat whose length is sufficient to confortably accommodate 8 passengers.

On the other hand, there has been an improvement too. Rake number 1093-1096 has improved design of luggage racks. The improvements are: a. Increase in overall width; b. Reduction in the distance between two rods of the rack so that small items do not fall down. Again, this was suggested to MRVC in November 2007. It took 2 years to implement this miniscule change.


4 thoughts on “A few tidbits

  1. @ Adrian: Yes. The Jessop rakes have tank like build quality & perfect finishing of the interiors. There are absolutely no rough edges and panel gaps. The workmanship is brilliant. But it seems that MRVC absolutely loves ICF. There are no chances of MRVC rakes being manufactured by Jessop in the future.

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