MRVC rakes reloaded!

WR has given a fresh lease of life to the paint job of MRVC rakes numbered 1009-1012 and 2177-2180. They have gone beyond thorough cleaning. The rakes look sparkling clean & the paint has an awesome gloss like never before. Looks like WR has applied clear-coat on them and/or polished the rakes. This is surely not a repaint (Only in case of 1009. 2177 is a brand new rake). The rake is not due for overhauling  before 2011 & I have never heard of repainting of rakes which are not under overhaul. Moreover, inspite of the good cleaning, signs of history of rusting are clearly visible on driving cabs. So this is definitely the original paint.

But these things apart, the rake looks absolutely gorgeous. You have to see it to believe it. I have never ever seen an MRVC rake looking so good. Even rakes fresh out of ICF fall pale in comparison. I am loving these two rakes. Just can’t take my eyes off them whenever I see them! Hats off to WR.


3 thoughts on “MRVC rakes reloaded!

    • Yes. the orange strips are just stickers, which the Mumbai crowd peels off for “time pass”! Suggestions (given more than once) to have paint there instead of stickers have fallen on deaf ears.

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