All manufactured rakes commissioned

For the first time ever, we have a situation where each and every MRVC rake manufactured has been commissioned.A total of 79 rakes have been manufactured. Thirty three of them are in service on CR and forty six on WR.

This situation is a result of yet another big gap in the production of rakes. No new rake has been despatched from ICF for one month. The reason for the gap is a very familiar one: shortage of wheels! Meanwhile, MRVC is trying to justify the delay by saying that the existing rakes are not being used to the fullest extent by WR and CR. This is nothing but an attempt to hide their inefficiency by passing the blame onto WR & CR. Both the zones are making the maximum possible use of the new rakes. WR is all set to convert Borivali – Virar to AC traction in a month using the new rakes.

8 thoughts on “All manufactured rakes commissioned

  1. How many rakes (old and new) are currently used by WR and CR? Would really appreciate it if you could provide this information. Thanks!

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