Finally, a new rake

Finally, ICF has churned out a new rake. Rake #207 185 -188 was despatched for CR on 27th February 2010, on the 47th day after the previous rake was despatched. It remains to be seen whether this is just a one off despatch or the regular one-rake-every-five-to-seven-days routine will start from now.

As expected, ICF will be falling short of the production target for financial year 2009 – 2010. The target was to manufacture 48 rakes in 2009-10. Till February 2010, 33 rakes have been manufactured. Thus, in order to meet the production target, 15 rakes will have to be despatched in March, which is impossible.


5 thoughts on “Finally, a new rake

  1. Interesting. The next section scheduled to go AC, if I understand correctly, is on CR (Lonavala – Vangani). This is probably an added reason for rakes being delivered to CR now.

    By the way, is there a complete list of MRVC rakes and their allocation to CR and WR available on this blog (or elsewhere)?

  2. i have seen a rake on western line with a different colour.. Mostly jessop i thiink..It is build with light yellow fibre seats and steel bars for spce dividers.. Is it a ac/dc conversion?? Which model make is it??

    • Adrian, it is an ICF rake only. It has been renovated by WR’s Mahalaxmi workshop. It has better interiors than other rakes. Quality of interiors is 100 times better than MRVC rakes. It is an Alstom AC/DC rake.

  3. Akshay, thnx for the updates.. I liked reading about ur journey experience on DQ from pune to mumbai.. Nothing is more detailed than what you described.

    By the way, what is the reason WR is changing only the motor-coach face of few old rakes to have a mrvc look??(tapering face)

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