WR to be fully converted by November?

Right now, there is a buzz going around in the newspapers that Western railway will be completely converted to AC right upto Churchgate by November this year. They say that WR will receive 34 MRVC rakes by November & CR will get 14 to run on Andheri – CSTM services of harbour line (as Andheri – Mahim tracks of harbour line fall under WR jurisdiction, and will be converted with the rest of the tracks). That adds up to a total of 48 rakes. Let us do some calculation here. Even if ICF starts despatching rakes at full capacity (5 per month), it will still take nine and a half months to despatch the rakes. By the time the 48th rake is commissioned and pressed into service, it will be January 2011.

So, assuming that everything else is ready for the conversion, it will still be a few months late. The only way by which sufficient rakes can be made available by November is commissioning some more retrofitted rakes. But chances of this too are very less. Conversion also depends on a few more factors like adequate clearance under bridges, making the overhead equipment ready for AC etc. In short, there are some formidable difficulties in achieving the November 2010 deadline for conversion.


2 thoughts on “WR to be fully converted by November?

  1. I doubt whether the AC conversion on WR would be complete even after January 2011. Looking at the sluggish pace at which ICF is churning out the rakes….and CR’s need to convert the Lonavla-Kalyan section in time, most of the rakes now will be procured by CR itself.

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