1000th Coach despatched

With the latest rake, despatched for CR on 22nd March 2010, the 100th MRVC coach has been despatched from ICF. Here are some excerpts from a news article:

“Getting so many trains in such a short period of time is a feat and we will apply for the Guinness Book of World Records,” said Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) managing director, PC Sehgal.

By the end of this week, the 1,000th violet coach will reach Mumbai from the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.

Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR) are converting from 1500 volt Direct Current to 25000-volt Alternating Current traction. It will help trains run faster, thus improving punctuality.

As only the new-age trains can run on the 25000-volt AC lines, the railways are trying to get more coaches faster to start more services. In 2010-11, 552 coaches or 46 new-age trains will be brought to Mumbai as against the 444 coaches or 37 trains in 2009-10.

Full article here. As expected, MRVC has created a lot of hype over this.

Not to be left behind, the over-enthusiastic media has added to it by saying that only MRVC rakes can play in 25000 V AC traction! This is what I hate. People have overhyped the MRVC rakes beyond imagination & forget that most of the features of MRVC rakes are present in earlier AC/DC EMUs too. Whenever some new technology in EMUs is mentioned, everyone says “This is a great path-breaking feature of the new age trains”. No one pays any attention to the poor old Alstom and BHEL AC/DC EMUs which have most of the technical features of MRVC rakes (except IGBT) for almost a decade. Moreover, in the hurry to glorify MRVC rakes, the reporter has conveniently forgotten that except Mumbai all the electrified lines in India are AC. Many different types of trains run all over the country in AC.


One thought on “1000th Coach despatched

  1. The sad part here is that MRVC/ICF is busy chasing all sorts of records, thereby paying least attention to quality,durability and passsenger comfort….
    It’s not even 1000 days, and CR has already dismantled an MRVC rake (1033-1034).Most of it’s coaches have been used in other rakes…needless to say that these are replacements to worn out/derated compartments…
    Also, the load on ICF to hurriedly manufacture these coaches will reduce if CR/WR make an effort to convert it’s older DC rakes to AC/DC compatible ones..(CR in particular)
    In fact CR has already converted one of its older rakes (76555-76557) to AC/DC compatibility…..but it has been lying unused for the past 3 months..
    Lets hope things work out better in the coming future…

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