Better Seats in First Class

Folks, Here is yet another improvement in the rakes.

The 85th new-age train, on its way from the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai, has modified seats in the first-class compartments that will make commuters’ travel more comfortable. The train will run on Central Railway (CR).

“We have received complaints about the quality of seats in the new trains and so ICF has made some modifications in the material used to make these seats,” said P.C. Sehgal, managing director, Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC).


Again, my question remains the same. What were they doing till now? MRVC is introducing all the essential design changes after two and a half years when more than half of the rakes have been turned out with faulty design. And all they do is announce the change in design for new rakes. What about the 84 rakes which have the faulty design? Obviously, MRVC will avoid saying anything about them. So far as increase in legroom is concerned, this is the third of fourth instance when MRVC has announced legroom improvement! On the first instance, it was not implemented at all.

3 thoughts on “Better Seats in First Class

  1. Just another misleading assurance. Lets wait and watch if anything concrete is taken up.

    MRVC should open up a school on how to make a good c****ya of people as they are proving to be experts in it :P.

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