Rakes under MUTP-2 finalised

Things have got moving for the rakes to be procured under MUTP phase 2. Here are two news articles about them:

Indian ExpressTimes of India

ICF will be the manufacturer of the rakes. So all the rosy, sugar coated talk about the rakes being high quality, modern, spacious, world class etc is rubbish. It will be  interesting to see who is the supplier of the electricals.

These rakes will be pure AC rakes as per the TOI article. So, the plan seems to be as follows: Convert entire WR to AC with the balance rakes of MUTP-1. Then, as and when the rakes of MUTP-2 start rolling in, gradually transfer the AC/DC rakes of MUTP-1 to CR to convert the remaining sections of CR.

PS: Looks like ICF is having serious issues with production of phase 1 rakes. Now 51 days have passed after the last rake was despatched from ICF.


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