Colour scheme for new rakes

The colour scheme for new rakes of MUTP phase 2 has been decided.

The new lot of coaches that are expected to add to the fleet of new-age trains from 2012 will not be violet and white, but red and yellow.

The railways have decided to revert to the old colour scheme, which was in use before the violet-and-white Siemens locals started running in the city from November 2007, as they dirtied easily, especially because of paan stains.

Read the full article here. I hope the new livery (technical term for colour combination) is sober. Some gaudy combination like bright red and lemon yellow would look pretty bad! But I do not understand what is the need to spend loads of money on NID, which has given the stupid livery for the phase 1 rakes. We already have a very practical and good looking livery – the millennium rake of Western Railway.

See a photo of the livery here. It has been designed in house by WR. It is a hundred times better than the livery designed by the so called professionals of NID. I simply love the two stripes rising from bottom to top around the driving cabin door. The red colour at the bottom also means that paan stains will be camouflaged to some extent.

Meanwhile, the article mentions that the next rake of phase 1 will arrive only in June 😦

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