MRVC rejects government’s request of aircooled rakes

Today, there is an article in Loksatta, a Marathi daily, about MRVC rakes. The major points in the article are:

MRVC has rejected Maharashtra state Government’s request to have air-cooled or air-conditioned rakes in MUTP phase 2. MRVC has also planned a grand function on the day when rake number 101 arrives in Mumbai.

All rakes of phase 2 will be fully made of stainless steel (this proves that MRVC was making a fool of people by saying that phase 1 rakes are made of stainless steel). These rakes will have polycarbonate luggage racks & grab handles, PVC flooring, better heat insulation in the roof.

What they are not guaranteeing is good quality 😉 I expect these rakes too will have the standard ICF quality. Click here to read the full article. The article is in Marathi. Click here to read a related article from Indian Express. It has more details than the Loksatta article.


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