New colour schemes for rakes

The 12 liveries suggested by NID for MUTP phase 2 rakes. Courtesy Hindustan times. Please click on the image for large size.

Of these, only the second livery in the right hand side column is acceptable in my opinion. The rest of them are unacceptable. How can they even think of keeping the area below windows fully white? NID has not been hired to experiment as per their free will. There has to be a sense of practicality in the liveries. Secondly, they have just created two basic designs and filled various colours in them to present these 12 designs.

There is another issue in these proposed liveries. The integration of the livery on the front face and sides is poorly done. The millenium rake of Western railway is the best example of how to integrate the livery of cab face and sides in a proper, aesthetically pleasing way. I may be sounding repetitive, but the integration of the front face and side is so nicely done that I just cannot stop mentioning it! The millenium livery hides paan stains very well.

The figures mentioned alongside the liveries are wrong. 1008 coaches have already arrived. 1404 coaches (117 rakes, including the phase 2 rakes) are yet to arrive.

Along with these liveries, there is a related news article also. Click here to read the article.


4 thoughts on “New colour schemes for rakes

  1. Horrible Colour Scheme. i have better colour livery.
    i dont know how Railway approve such kind of horible colour scheme.
    i think i will work on some good option and upload on IRFCA

  2. i liked the 1st (the present design) and 2nd at the left side

    i dont think that we shuld decide colors on the basis of people’s spitting acts
    What we need is to change the attitude of people who regularly spit on doors and make it a ugly look,

    similar to TT’s there shuld be some people who shuld be in trains and watch out for people who do such act and then punish them and shuld encourage them to understand that these trains are as much as your own property as u travell daily on it, its a shine for mumbai and they shuld understand weder they want to make it ugly or wat. we need to educate them

    Btw i also heard that WR is now going to use some modern tech to wash d trains and keep all EMUs clean an tidy, so i dont think we shuld choose the colors on the basis of paan stains

    we cant have all the trains all the times in red/maroon livery

    Also i liked the 3rd design on right side but with change in color combination
    the changed color combi wuld be as follows

    the blue color wuld change to Red (on both top and bottom side)
    the green wuld change to silver (in the middle)

  3. ANything but GREEN!!
    Green is a HORRIBLE color on public transportation – beige, blue or even the current purple scheme is ok.


  4. White and violet looks best. It is more pleasant than red or green. MRVC should continue the current color scheme of white and violet.

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