100th rake despatched!

ICF despatched the 100th MRVC rake on 13th September 2010. It has been despatched for WR. 101st too has been despatched, again for WR. Keeping aside all the faults of the rake for a moment, one has to admit that manufacturing 100 rakes in 3 years is not an easy task. Conversion to AC would still be a distant dream if not for these rakes.


6 thoughts on “100th rake despatched!

  1. 57 new 12-coach rakes have arrived for WR (as on Sep 30), out of a total fleet of 75-80 (71-76%). In addition, atleast some of the older 12-coach rakes are still in use. Why then are more 35% of services on the western line still running using 9-coach rakes? What use are the new rakes being put to?

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