Exact quantity of rakes calculated!

I did a small calculation a few days ago, and here is what I found:

Initial plan of MRVC was for 101 9 coach rakes. Each 9 coach rake consists of 3 units. These originally planned rakes have been allotted numbers in 2xxx series. Hence, in 2xxx series the last number will be 303 (101 multiplied by 3) (2303A, 2303 B, 2303 C).

Quantity of 9 car rakes added later by Railway board is 73. These added rakes have been allotted numbers in 1xxx series. So, by the same principle applied for 2xxx series, the last number in 1xxx series will be 219 (1219 A, 1219 B, 1219 C).

The exact number of rakes comes out to be 129 twelve coach rakes and 2 nine coach rakes. In 1xxx series, 54 twelve coach rakes and 3 units which can form 1 nine coach rake will be manufactured. Similarly in 2xxx series, 75 twelve coach rakes and 3 more units will be manufactured.

It is totally upto the authorities to decide whether the 2 nine coach rakes will be manufactured as complete rakes or loose coaches to be used as spares.


3 thoughts on “Exact quantity of rakes calculated!

  1. but after looking at the data of rakes dispatched at http://sites.google.com/site/mrvcholdings/wr-mrvc-rakes, i see all the 2XXX series in a set of 4 units (eg: 207 041 to 044. Rake despatched on 28/10/2008. Renumbered as 2041 to 2044.) so how these can be a 9 car rake

    also while going through the rake numbers i found out this unusual numbering

    207 045 to 048. Rake despatched on 31/10/2008. Renumbered as 2045 to 2046.. i think in actual it would have been numbered as 2045 to 2048

  2. @Topic
    Hi Akshay

    So do you mean to say that Railways will use the 9 car rakes in future as 12 car rakes after rearranging the units???????

    Plz reply to my query

    • 9 coach rakes are just on paper so that MRVC could create a false impression in minds of the general public about the actual number of rakes to be manufactured. Please see this post: https://mrvcmania.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/174-or-130-rakes/

      In reality only two 9 coach rakes may be manufactured as I have posted above.

      Similarly they have announced procurement of 96 nine coach rakes for phase two. But in reality, 72 12 coach rakes will be manufactured instead of 96 9 coach rakes.

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