A note on quality

While studying software quality in my curriculum, I came across definitions of quality. There are many of them, but here is one that stood out the most:

“Quality is something that can be recognised through experience but is not defined. It is viewed as something ideal, which is too complex to be defined. However a good quality object easily stands out and can be instantly recognised.”

This is called as “transcendental view of quality”. The moment I read this, It struck me how perfectly this is applicable to rakes manufactured by Jessop & MRVC rakes. It can be recognised that MRVC rakes are of poor quality by just looking at them. Similarly, just one glance at rakes manufactured by Jessop & Co (Kolkata) is sufficient to recognise the extremely high quality of the rakes! How I wish MRVC comes out of its blind love for ICF and awards the contract to Jessop. But this is just daydreaming! It will never turn into reality.

For all these years I have been trying to describe the various quality issues  in words, but I found it somewhat difficult. This definition explains why it was difficult to describe the issues.

On an unrelated note, MRVC is releasing a postal stamp today celebrating the arrival of 101st rake in the city. Hon Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Ashok Chavan will release the stamp. As I write this, the function might have already started.

One thought on “A note on quality


    The technology has surely achieved new heights when compared to earlier days but I feel the same new-age technology have missed the “quality & durability” factor which the products of earlier decades had.

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