Media hype again!

Please refer to the extract from an article in Hindustan Times above. This is another example of unjustified hype by the media. While the figures are correct, the “features” mentioned alongside are downright exaggeration.

Feature #1: Bigger windows for ventilation with transparent glass.
Reality: Actual size of opening of window is the same as older rakes. Just the glass area has increased. for proof

Feature #2: Small cross-grilled to prevent people from putting their hands out.
Reality: There is no major difference in the design of the grill. Grilles are not strong enough. They break easily. Please see this picture for proof. I have never seen broken grille in older rakes till date.

Feature #3: Moving fans.
Reality: Fans are fixed.

Feature #4: Air springs for smoother, jerk free, low noise rides.
Reality: This is nothing new. BHEL AC/DC rakes and WR’s converted AC/DC rakes. It is a totally baseless claim that air suspension reduces noise.

Feature #5: Better seating with leg space.
Reality: I could not stop laughing at this claim. Looks like MRVC officials & the reporter has never travelled in first class during peak hours! They simply don’t know what the reality is. After hordes of complaints about leg space, how can the reporter confidently boast about good leg space? Seat cushioning quality in first class is pathetic.

Feature #6: Raised handles.
Reality: What is this supposed to mean? The handle height is perfectly normal. This is the first time I have heard about this “feature”.

Feature #7: Wide windscreens.
Reality: Even this is not a first in MRVC rakes. Many rakes in Mumbai had this feature before the MRVC rakes came in.

Feature #8: Regenerative braking.
Reality: Again, this is not a first for MRVC rakes. Other AC/DC rakes had this feature for more than half a decade before MRVC rakes started coming in.

The media has again done what it does best – over hype the rakes. Yes, there are positive aspects too like ventilation & fantastic acceleration and I never deny that. But the rakes certainly do not deserve the hype generated by media & MRVC officials.

4 thoughts on “Media hype again!

  1. It seems media have gone crazy behind this MRVC rakes then the common people who travel daily

    As a common man people only majorly like this rakes for one reason that there is no suffocation during rush hour as people standing inside get fresh air from those ventilators/fans making their journey sweat free and comfortable.

  2. Hi,

    Apart from the leg room part, Moving fans part is terrible. How can fans move???? Idiot reporter. Some distant relative of Roanna Maria Costa

  3. Regenerative braking works though in the Siemens rakes ( Proved by calculations ) . About 33 % of the energy is fed back into the network.

    Anyways the city does not require world class trains it just requires TRAINS

    • I never said that regenerative braking does not work in Siemens rakes. Just that it works in other rakes too, but still media portrays it as if only siemens rakes have regenerative braking.

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