Locals will get a touch of steel, sport colour band

Posting this news article a bit late, but nevertheless here you go:

Under the second phase of the Mumbai Urban Transport project (MUTP-2), trains will not be identified by a colour, but by a single band — just like Delhi metro.

“Since the 72 new rakes under the project would be made of stainless steel, there would be no need to paint them,” said P C Sehgal, managing director, Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation, on Thursday. “However, the monotony would be broken with a band running along the train`s centre.” Its colour has not been decided yet. Stainless steel rakes come at a 20% additional cost than those procured under MUTP-I, which cost Rs 27 crores for 12 cars and Rs 20 crores for nine cars.


I can do nothing but chuckle at the thought of unpainted ICF coaches! They are drawing parallels with Delhi metro, forgetting the fact that quality of DMRC coaches is extremely good. They have been manufactured by reputed organisations, while MRVC rakes will be manufactured by our very own ICF! I am sure that the rakes will be an eyesore if they are kept unpainted. There will be unfinished welding joints, marks of grinding to smooth out joints, undulations, warps and dents on it.

Existing painted coaches have putty applied beneath the paint which helps in hiding the irregularities of the surface to some extent. But the unpainted coaches will not have this shield! The world-class skills & workmanship of ICF will be open for the world to see & admire 😀


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